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The Best Live Music I Saw in 2019

Someone recently asked what were the best shows I saw in 2019. It's an interesting question because there are so many factors to consider:
Obviously, the MUSIC!VenueCrowd sizeWhat krewe I was rolling withNew band vs. band I know pretty wellOther factors (weather, a milestone show, how much tequila I was overserved) I save all my stubs (or bracelets where I'll write the show/date/venue) so I can easily look at the rundown. Yes, I sometimes pay extra for a paper ticket stub.  I was surprised to find that 2019 was a lighter year for my live music attendance due to a mix of reasons ranging from work travel, kids' sleeping habits, health, getting older, etc.  A few overall observations:  I feel lucky I didn't catch any real clunkers in 2019. Really didn't see any shows until April and it seemed to accelerate from there with Jazz Fest being the inflection point.  Phish held a consistent prescence in my concert-going world. I think I hit my 50th show and a buddy ran 300 mil…